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May 08, 2014 at 12:22 PM


The wonderful thought of breakthrough is not a new concept, back in Old Testament times God is called “The Lord of the breakthrough”.  How about that!  We’re not talking about a specific kind of breakthrough but a person who is called “The Lord of the breakthrough”.  Any kind of breakthrough!  With God as the “Lord of breakthrough” we don’t have to depend on teams of research scientists painstakingly sifting through the data, or a top negotiator giving it all he’s got, instead we are depending on an awesome and omnipotent God.  The possibilities are endless.


We are made for breakthrough


Do you realise that many of the great breakthroughs down through history have come through Christians.  Both as human beings who are made in the image of God, and as Christians who have the “Breaker” living in us, we’re wired for breakthrough, it’s in our DNA.  Every one of us can see breakthroughs, not necessarily the sort that are written into the history books, but certainly ones that can change our history and the history of those in our sphere of influence.


What kind of breakthroughs has God given you?  Maybe you’ve had a breakthrough in healing, in dealing with anger, in your marriage, in getting free from an addiction, in seeing someone saved, in your job, in your prayer life, in your finances, in losing weight, in witnessing, and on and on we could go. 


God is the master of the breakthrough


God’s word is seed that will produce fruit if it’s planted in our heart.  What can we do to plant this verse in our life and to protect it from the enemy, who wants to snatch it away as soon as we leave this meeting?


In 2 Samuel 5:17 David had a great victory over his enemies. We see in verses 22-25 of the same chapter that after the great victory of verses 17-20 David faced the same battle again, again he sought God and this time God gave him a different battle plan.  We see here that we need to get our strategies for breakthrough from the master of breakthroughs, because they are not always the same as last time.


What we can learn about God as the “Lord of the breakthrough” from these great stories is that God can do anything - when we’re facing defeat, the odds are stacked against us and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel the “Lord of the breakthrough” can come through on our behalf.


The breakthrough we all want


I’m sure we would all like to have a big breakthrough in the realm of the Spirit.


Of course, in this area, we are totally dependent on God for a breakthrough. We can’t think along the lines that “if we do A, B, and C it will happen”, but it’s good to do everything we can to increase our chances.


Take a few minutes to pray for the leading of God, for a hunger for God and the things of the Spirit. Also pray for a breakthrough into a new place of prayer and relationship with God.

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